Experts Offer Three Tips On Choosing The Right Tibetan Meditation Bowl

Silent Mind Meditation experts reveal the top three things to consider when choosing the right Tibetan meditation bowl to use for meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness purposes.

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January 17, 2016 - Birmingham , West Midlands (USPG NEWS SERVICE) -- Meditation experts of the meditation goods company, Silent Mind, came to a conclusion that choosing Tibetan meditation bowl ( is both personal and exciting; however several important things must be considered in order for people to find the right singing bowls for them; that is, singing bowls that can induce deep state of relaxation for any mindfulness activity they do.

The first most important thing to consider is to pay particular attention towards the singing bowl's quality. "A lot of singing bowls available in the market are low quality materials and machine-made to look old. People will not be able to tell the difference between a good sounding bowl and a good looking reproduction," says Maria Adams, one of the meditation experts at Silent Mind.

"A good sounding bowl is made using high quality materials with hand techniques or with a combination of hand techniques and machine techniques, but never just with machine techniques," added Maria. The machine process helps ensure a consistent roundness, which helps produce harmonic tones when the bowl is played. The hand-made part of the process produces variations in thickness, which gives the bowl unique sonic properties.

The second most important thing to consider is the purpose of the bowl; for example: meditation, grounding, physical healing, Reiki, or chakra balancing. This is because Tibetan meditation bowl can vary in musical notes. Some people want to obtain a bowl with a specific musical note for a specific mindfulness purpose. Having a good idea as to what will be the use of the singing bowl ( helps one make a good decision when choosing their Tibetan singing bowl.

The third most important thing to consider when choosing Tibetan singing bowl is the tone. According to the meditation experts, a bowl should create a vibration that lingers for some time when struck, producing several layers of tones and overlaying harmonics with overtones. If, on the other hand, the vibration and the volume of a bowl flutters away quickly, it's not a very good quality, and must not be chosen.

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